Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cod Liver Oil and High Vitamin Butter Oil

In preparing for pregnancy, there are some specific superfoods which should be included in the daily diet. One of these is a combination of high quality cod liver oil along with high vitamin butter oil. Cod liver oil provides fat-soluble vitamins A and D, along with high amounts of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). The omega-3 fatty acids from these nutrients promote proper function of the brain and nervous system, along with visual acuity.(Sally Fallon, 2001) During the crucial formation time in pregnancy, the nutrients from this superfood can help properly form these systems.

While it is important to be taking cod liver oil daily during pregnancy, adding in a high vitamin butter oil, provides not only vitamins A and D, but also the X Factor, which was discovered by Weston Price.

In Weston Price's book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, he tells the following story...."Under the stress of the industrial depression, the family dietary of the children we studied was very deficient. They were brought to a mission where we fed them one reinforced meal at noon for six days a week...It is important to note that the home nutrition, which had been responsible for the tooth decay, was exceedingly low in body building and repairing material while temporarily satisfying the appetite. It usually consisted of highly sweetened strong coffee and white bread, vegetable fat, pancakes made of white flour and eaten with syrup, and doughnuts fried in vegetable fat....The nutrition provided these children (in the mission) included the following foods.  About four ounces of tomato juice or orange juice and a teaspoonful of a mixture of equal parts of a very high-vitamin natural cod liver oil and an especially high-vitamin butter was given at the beginning of the meal. They then received a bowl containing approximately a pint of very rich vegetable and meat stew made largely from bone marrow and fine cuts of tender meat. The meat was usually broiled separately to retain its juice and then chopped very fine and added to the bone marrow meat soup, which always contained finely chopped vegetables and plenty of very yellow carrots; for the next course they had cooked fruit, with very little sweetening, and rolls made from freshly ground whole wheat, which were spread with the high-vitamin butter. The wheat for the rolls was ground fresh every day in a motor driven coffee mill.  Each child was also given two glasses of fresh whole milk.  The menu was varied from day to day by substituting for the meat stew, fish chowder or organs of animals...Several incidents of special interest occurred. Two different teachers came to me to inquire what had been done to make a particular child change from one of the poorest in the class in capacity to learn to one of the best...

While cod liver oil is great as a supplement, studies have shown that the unsaturated fatty acids in cod liver oil may be toxic in large amounts, so it is important not to consume more than necessary. Children should not ingest more than 1 teaspoonful per day, and adults 2 teaspoons.

And while cod liver oil is touted as a superfood in and of itself, Dr. Price noted in his studies of diverse cultures that cod liver oil worked best when combined with high vitamin butter oil.  Take it in fresh orange juice for better absorption, and easier palatability.

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